Terrific! Flames licking at the guitar! ”

— BBC Radio 3 presenter, Sara Mohr-Pietsch, about Hartzell's performance of Fuoco by Dyens on In Tune

Promises Kept

The tip jar for the month of September and October will be for the online September 25th concert. All proceeds will be distributed evenly among all the artists.

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Valerie Hartzell, Daniela Rossi and Jeremy Garcia, Classical Minds Concert

(GMT, UTC+00) (GMT, UTC+00)

YouTube Premiere

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTwkv7R7wU0 New music by Jeremías García (and music by Albeniz & Lorca) will be joined by special guests from Solero Flamenco, Irma La Paloma (cante) and Andrés Felix (cajón). First on the programme we will have Artistic Director, Valerie Hartzell perform music by Tarrega, Metallica & Scott Ouellette and then Argentinian guitarist living in Cambridge Daniela Rossi will perform new works by Dusan Bogdanovic and John Duarte.


"Classical Minds" Online Guitar Workshop

 —  —


The February workshop will have Flamenco guitar meet Classical guitar with guest artist Jeremy Garcia who hails from Texas. The schedule of events and information are on the festival website. Valerie will focus on exercises from Pumping Nylon and Kitharologus and Jeremy will focus on rasgueado and other flamenco techniques during their workshops. Then, they will team up in a technique class, focusing on scales. classicalmindsfestival.org

"Classical Minds" Online Guitar Workshop

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https://youtu.be/kk-8asVrV-k Please go to classicalmindsfestival.org to fill out your online application. For the workshop in September we will have four intense workshops given by Mathew James, Eleanor Kelly, Daniela Rossi and Valérie Hartzell. We will focus on Carcassi No 2: how to base dynamics on analysis, left hand work out, right hand work out, and how to practise to practise properly. Eleanor will be focusing on a slur workout, separate for the Etude. The idea is that you will be able to walk away with the ability to apply everything you have learned to another piece or Etude. We will suggest another piece to learn that is similar to the Carcassi Etude and we will meet for another online workshop in January or February.

Tuition: £50 for active participants (anyone in lessons or playing guitar for a year or more) and £30 for non-active participants (observers with guitars - complete beginners). Participants will not be asked to perform. The faculty only wish to make sure participants understand the concept through short demonstrations. This will allow the faculty to assist and adjust so all participants understand. Not a guitarist? For £15 you can pop in and out watching the workshop and then join us for the concert via YouTube. The fees include 1 ticket.

Valerie Hartzell on YouTube

YouTube Premiere

Link to concert: https://youtu.be/XNTUbgh6EAI This is an online YouTube Premiere event. Audiences will be able to comment as the concert takes place and talk to me. I will be performing works by Thierry Tisserand, Led Zeppelin, Llobet, and my own composition, It Takes Two. I cannot sell tickets but I will have my tip jar available for donations. If you already donated in December, thank you! If you have not had a chance, you can contribute towards my upcoming CD, "Promises Kept." I am currently in the process of recording the rest of the CD. Thank you!

Valérie Hartzell Premiere on YouTube

 —  —


https://youtu.be/w1CHA7Gd2Q8 On the 19th of December, 2020 at 7pm I will have a premiere YouTube recording which will guarantee quality audio and video, Plus, I can chat with the audience as it's going on! The concert is free but I will have a donation jar up on the events page. I realise that the holidays is tough on everyone, including us. The proceeds will be going toward my CD recording. With this pandemic, musicians need to find new ways to reach out to the public. On the positive side of things, people from all over the world (not just here in the UK) can watch this concert. Thank you for your support! Can't be there at the premiere? No worries, the link will be live until the 9th of January, 2021. I will perform my own composition, music by English composers Chris Dumigan (a premiere), Timothy Royal, Paul Ibbotson, and Mark Houghton, American composer Scott Ouellette, Jason Greenberg (world premiere), French composer Thierry Tisserand, Villa-Lobos, Tárrega and Christmas music to lift your spirits!

"Classical Minds" Guitar Festival

 —  —

Foxton Village Hall, Hardman Road, Foxton, Cambridge

For more information & applications go to: https://classicalmindsfestival.org/ Concert is Sunday, 15th of March at 5pm. 2018 marked the 14th Anniversary of this 6-day educational event held every June for those who play or appreciate classical guitar. Renowned concert artists and educators came from throughout the world to teach, coach and perform in concerts and recitals. CM took place in Houston, Texas and is now moving to England! Our first UK "Classical Minds" will take place in the village of Foxton at Foxton Village Hall, just outside of Cambridge.

The festival is open to all ages from primary school through university and graduate school plus adult amateurs who study privately or just enjoy playing. This year's faculty include Daniela Rossi, Valérie Hartzell, Raymond Burley and CM Festival Assistant, Mathew James.


Aurora Ship

 —  —

Norway Fjords

Five concerts, all different programmes, including the premiere of several of my own compositions. Looking forward to seeing the Northern Lights!

Valerie Hartzell, Concert

Bunyan Meeting Church, Mill Street, Bedford MK40 3EU

Tickets: £10 (General), £5 for Students under 18 For more information: mtedgeworth@hotmail.com Valérie will perform works by Albéniz, Beatles, Dyens, Tárrega, Ibbotson, as well as premiering her own compositions

Valérie will treat the audience by performing a few pieces on some of Michael Edgeworth’s new guitars!