Terrific! Flames licking at the guitar! ”

— BBC Radio 3 presenter, Sara Mohr-Pietsch, about Hartzell's performance of Fuoco by Dyens on In Tune

Promises Kept

My next CG recording will be my own composition, music from friends/family that I have promised to record for many years, & by composers from the U.S. & England. Please help me make that possible. I am giving a pre-recorded concert via YouTube in December, so I hope you can donate to help support this project.

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Upcoming Events

Valérie Hartzell Premiere on YouTube

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On the 19th of December, 2020 at 7pm I will have a premiere YouTube recording which will guarantee quality audio and video, Plus, I can chat with the audience as it's going on! The concert is free but I will have a donation jar up on the events page. I realise that the holidays is tough on everyone, including us. The proceeds will be going toward my CD recording. With this pandemic, musicians need to find new ways to reach out to the public. On the positive side of things, people from all over the world (not just here in the UK) can watch this concert. Thank you for your support! Can't be there at the premiere? No worries, the link will be live until the 9th of January, 2021. I will perform my own composition, music by English composers Chris Dumigan (a premiere), Timothy Royal, Paul Ibbotson, and Mark Houghton, American composer Scott Ouellette, Jason Greenberg (world premiere), French composer Thierry Tisserand, Villa-Lobos, Tárrega and Christmas music to lift your spirits!