Terrific! Flames licking at the guitar! ”

— BBC Radio 3 presenter, Sara Mohr-Pietsch, about Hartzell's performance of Fuoco by Dyens on In Tune

Promises Kept

The tip jar for the month of September and October will be for the online September 25th concert. All proceeds will be distributed evenly among all the artists.

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The minimum tip is £5.00

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Upcoming Events

"Classical Minds" Online Guitar Workshop

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Please go to classicalmindsfestival.org to fill out your online application. For the workshop in September we will have four intense workshops given by Mathew James, Eleanor Kelly, Daniela Rossi and Valérie Hartzell. We will focus on Carcassi No 2: how to base dynamics on analysis, left hand work out, right hand work out, and how to practise to practise properly. Eleanor will be focusing on a slur workout, separate for the Etude. The idea is that you will be able to walk away with the ability to apply everything you have learned to another piece or Etude. We will suggest another piece to learn that is similar to the Carcassi Etude and we will meet for another online workshop in January or February.

Tuition: £50 for active participants (anyone in lessons or playing guitar for a year or more) and £30 for non-active participants (observers with guitars - complete beginners). Participants will not be asked to perform. The faculty only wish to make sure participants understand the concept through short demonstrations. This will allow the faculty to assist and adjust so all participants understand. Not a guitarist? For £15 you can pop in and out watching the workshop and then join us for the concert via YouTube. The fees include 1 ticket.

Concert with Mathew James, Eleanor Kelly, Valérie Hartzell and Daniela Rossi

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YouTube Premiere

Join us online via YouTube for a free concert. However, we would appreciate donations via our Tip Jar. Proceeds will be distributed evenly between the artists. Music by Mathew James, Regondi, Tárrega, Tate, Rogatis, Hartzell, and Tamayo.